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Oh you know, long time reader, first time blogger...just a place to throw out some ideas, be a little snarky, give some honest opinions about books and the book industry.

The Road

The Road - Cormac McCarthy Devastating in its simplicity--a father and son surviving. "If he is not the word of God God never spoke."--there it is, teh prefect expression of a father's devotion to his son.

Night Watch: A Novel of Discworld

Night Watch (Discworld, #29) - Terry Pratchett Read the rest of the City Watch novels before you read this...and then bask.


Thud! - Terry Pratchett This one almost brought me to tears. Sam Vimes of the City Watch novels is my favorite Pratchett characters, and Thud! brings him to the very edge of himself. Genius.

The Dark Volume

The Dark Volume - Gordon Dahlquist Unfortunately I did not remember The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters well enough to really enjoy this. It's definitely a middle volume of a trilogy.

The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters

The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters - Gordon Dahlquist If can keep all the characters (particularly the villians) straight, this is a great adventure. The structure gets a little repetitive (it follows each of the three protagonists over a period of time in succession), but main characters are memorable creations.

The Terror

The Terror - I picked this book up for the cover and fell in love with it. This is classic man v. nature, man v. God, man v. himself.

The Lost Books of the Odyssey

The Lost Books of the Odyssey - Zachary Mason A kalaidescope of what ifs and could have beens in the tale of Odysseus.

Till We Have Faces: A Novel of Cupid and Psyche

Till We Have Faces - C.S. Lewis Not the best novel as far as it goes, but this book changed my idea of what love should be.

The Hero and the Crown

The Hero and the Crown - Robin McKinley I read this first in 1989 in the back of my dad's pickup truck (back when you could get away with that) on our way to South Dakota. I've read it countless times since and it never fails to entertain.


Sunshine - Robin McKinley I will reluctantly call this a paranormal romance, but it's so much better than that. Even the romantic hero has an edge of ugliness and menace--you know, 'cause he's a vampire.

Excellent Women

Excellent Women - Barbara Pym A gem of British comedy of manners.

Blood Meridian, or The Evening Redness in the West

Blood Meridian, or the Evening Redness in the West - Cormac McCarthy I need to read this again. Love the mood of it, but I think I missed a lot.

The World Without Us

The World Without Us - Alan Weisman A little repetitive--I mean once you understand the freeze/thaw cycle, you probably don't need to hear about it 20 more times--but a great thought experiment. The feral cats are going to take over!

Stumbling on Happiness (Vintage)

Stumbling on Happiness - Daniel Gilbert Do you know what makes you happy? Most people don't. Things I learned from this: married with kids really doesn't make you happier and choosing the same thing every time you go to a restaurant is your best bet.

Good Calories, Bad Calories: Challenging the Conventional Wisdom on DI

Good Calories, Bad Calories - Gary Taubes This book changed my life. An indictment of the diet/health industry for trusting common sense over science.

Gould's Book of Fish: A Novel in Twelve Fish

Gould's Book of Fish: A Novel in Twelve Fish - Richard Flanagan I finished this and immediately wanted to read it again.