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This should be a movie. Now.

The Return - Michael Gruber

It's usually a red flag for me when I immediately picture actors while I'm reading a book. It often means that what the author has given us is something derivative of other novels or movies or TV shows.


And yes, that is pretty much what Gruber gives us...and it is magnificent.


Richard Marder is an average guy, or so his children think. But really, he's an ex-solider who invested at the right time, and now that he's diagnosed with an aneurism that could pop at any moment, he's taking himself, his money, a camper, a load of guns & his crazy war buddy down to Mexico for some old-fashioned revenge. Simple as that.


He's a pretty uncomplicated hero (how rare is that--and how rare to be written so well that you really do root for him from beginning to end without getting sick of him), and you love him, and you love what he's doing (it's not all revenge). You keep saying, this guy can't be real, but wow, I wish he was.


In other words, this book is FUN. It's pure joy to read. And it will make a wonderful movie with George Clooney and Jackie Earle Haley.