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Sea Creatures

Sea Creatures - Susanna Daniel Domestic dramas aren't my cup of tea, but it was past time I read a book for my good friend Kate McCune, so I picked it up.Gerogia is an insomniac, and met her husband at a sleep lab. He has parasomnia--a debilitating condition of marked by episodes of sleepwalking and night terrors. Their young son, Frankie, once developing normally, has stopped talking. Following a disgrace in Chicago, the three move back to Georgia's hometown of Coral Gables, Florida. There she begins a job as an errand girl/assistant for 'the hermit'--a friend of her deceased mother who, after losing his daughter, abandons his wife and moves to a stilt house in the Keys. Through her relationship with the hermit and the absence of her husband, Georgia slowly begins to realize the hard choices she will have to make in order to protect her son.Daniel weaves a marvelous sense of place with a deft handling of relationships, loss, and hope to make this a fully realized and riveting drama.