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Not your average Austen reimagining

Longbourn - Jo Baker

I was in high school when A&E's Pride and Prejudice debuted (conveniently enough for my AP English teacher), so there was no way I was not going to fall in love with Austen.


Since then I've seen most of the film adaptations, reread the books several times (if it's been a while for you, yes, the dialog is as witty as you remember from the films), and dabbled in the many, many, many reimaginings (with and without zombies) and sequels that have come along in the last decades. I blame Colin Firth. Some of these are more worthy than others.


Here is one that is.


I surprised it took so long in the wake of Downton Abbey to write P&P from the perspective of the servants. Actually, that's not really what this is. Instead it is a fully realized & original story of servants that happen to work for the Bennetts. Obviously you see all your favorite characters (sometimes more sympathetically and sometimes not), but the bulk of the story deals with the previously unknown servants, and through their eyes you get a glimpse of what's going on in the world away from the ballrooms and parlors of genteel female society. In other words, it's a harsher story than P&P, and the stakes are higher than not getting asked to dance, but don't worry, it's still a love story at heart, and if you love P&P, you will enjoy this.