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I swore off vampire novels...

The Quick: A Novel - Lauren Owen

...I did!


Though Bone Season might loosely be considered a vampire novel. Oh sure, the author doesn't call them that...but they're vampires. Pretty, though mostly ruthless, vampires.


The Quick does not have pretty vampires. I appreciate that. Even my most favorite vampire novel, Sunshine by Robin McKinely, for all the protestations that the lead vampire was gray-skinned and absolutely inhuman, features a rather drool-worthy love interest. (Oh, now I feel horrible--Robin McKinley does not write anything like a simpering paranormal romance. She's far more complex than that. Seriously, every time I reread one of her books, I some nuance I missed before.)


But The Quick's vampires are definitely not pretty. A few are sympathetic, of course, but they are not about sexuality, repressed or otherwise. Instead they are everything a flesh and blood human being is not. They are without passion, perpetually bored, perpetually disgusted with the humanity that surrounds them. A few of them decide they should coldly and cruelly 'improve' their society, but of course, without actual love for society, any effort to improve it will fail. They cannot change, they cannot grow. (I'm not sure, but they might be Republicans...)


All in all, it's a refreshing change from the vampire fare that floods the bookstores right now.


I haven't said much about the plot, and I won't. As my Random House sales rep said, 'You think it's about something, and then you say, no, it's about this, and then a few chapters later you've figured out that it's about something else entirely.' In a nutshell it's about a secret vampire society in Victorian London, but that doesn't tell you much. I will say that the ending is quite satisfying while leaving the door open for more.


I'm very early on this review (my arc doesn't even have cover art)...it doesn't come out until June 2014. But put it on your list and lose yourself for a couple days in some great literature of the macabre.